Toile Presentation - Friday 23 April

After battling with my tailored jacket and feeling like I wanted to give up and make something completely different I sat down to sort out my patterns and finished it in 2 days!!

Unfortunately my model was unable to come into uni on Friday so I tried it on someone with similar stature and it fit really well!

Of course there were glitches, especially in my worst area...the sleeves!? (can't seem to get my easing right!)

So my task is to make the ammendments done by Rose and make a FINAL toile by early next week so my model can try it on, do a final fitting and be ready to construct my jacket out of fabric.

Second Garment - draped dress.

I did spend a lot of time on the tailored piece just because I wanted it to be really well made.
My second piece is a draped chiffon dress.
I love draping and find this a much easier way to work so I left this garment till later.

Here is a tacked version of the dress I am going to make in a cheaper version of my chosen fabric.
silk polyester at £2/m.

I really wanted both pieces to compliment each other really well and I think in my chosen fabrics I will achieve this.

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