Playing Catchup - Friday 7th May: Shell Presentation

Been a very hectic week, marketing report is finally handed in so only two modules to rack my brain around now!

My focus for the next two days is to finish off my garments and present my 2D work properly.

But first I'll explain how I got to where I am now:

Friday 7th May (Shell Presentation)
It was the first fitting with my model who I found on ModelMayhem, Sydney Blake.

The fit was really nice on her and the colour suited her skin tone so I was pretty happy overall that I wouldnt have to make any major adjustments. All that was left to do was to play around with the sleeves a bit more so they draped how I wanted them to look.
For some reason I've really tumbled back and forth about these sleeves, but I'm alot happier (well as happy as I can be) with my jacket than I was last week, Ive changed the style lines to match those of the Antelope canyons in my research creating curves that meet each other at the hem.

For my learning contract I've been experimenting with screen printing and dying, and thought I may as well put my skills to use and dye my fabric for my dress
*that and because AOne Fabrics were sold out of my 3-tone chiffon!

But hey things happen for a reason...

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