So now i've slept and actually had time to think and reflect on the module I thought i'd write my last post now.

Overall I did find the module really interesting, and learnt alot through the process.
  • Designing towards a designer/design house's trademark style was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Trying to keep an essence of you, yet meeting all the other criteria (i.e. simple drapery and having to make a tailored garment) wasnt really my style but I believe my end product showed a bit of both in the end.
  •  Throughout this degree I keep doing things that reinforce what I want to go on and do in the future.
    I know I will never be the best pattern-cutter, but I'm going to work to my strengths and build on these areas to create the best collection I can for my final year!
    Getting more hands on with printing, dying and drapery, I realise how much I love experimenting with fashion and textiles and have started my research on companies/designers I would like to contact for my work placement.
  • I believe I have improved on my areas of weakness:-
    -2D design developemnt - by finding my signature style (working with watercolours/brushstrokes/photoshop) I have found a way that works for me to show my design ideas at the early stages.
    -pattern cutting - I have spent alot of time this semester working especially on this area. By taking part in tailoring classes, to just spending alot of time playing arougn the get the perfect fit and shape.
    -Time Management - I know everyone, not just myself has struggled with the workload this semester, with marketing, design and learning contract it has been difficult to assign even time to all of them, especially when you enjoy one more than another, but I have tried my best and that's really all you can do.

    I really do believe I am growing as a designer and an individual and that the point of coming to uni right?
    *and of course to get a degree!*


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